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How You Can Help Horses That Heal Humans on National HELP A HORSE DAY

Horses Healing Humans is our Mission.
Today, let us celebrate and give back to them on National Help A Horse Day April 26, 2020

#NationalHelpAHorse Day is special because it raises awareness and advocates for abused and neglected horses across the US.  This year, however, we are raising awareness about the challenging situations equines are facing as COVID-19 puts an immense amount of stress on our rescues since all of our income supporting programs are canceled.
Many of us are facing lost revenue and reduced staff and volunteer support, but we have put together a great, albeit very small, volunteer team to care for our horses. The response from the community and our volunteers is AMAZING!!

So let’s have some fun on April 26th as we will be posting on social media all day, doing Facebook live from the pasture, and bringing awareness to these precious and important animals!!

Ten Ways To Help A Horse on #HelpAHorseDay

  1. Take a trail a VIRTUAL walk with one of our rescues. Check out our Facebook page on April 26th and you will be able to take that walk virtually, and meet up throughout the day live on Facebook. Here
  2. Donate money, in any amount to help feed our rescues during this shut down period. Here.
  3. Donate supplies needed to help care for our rescued horses during the COVID Crisis. Here.
  4. Volunteer your time once the pasture is opened up. Learn more.
  5. Watch a horse movie. May we suggest “Seabiscuit,” “Secretariat,” “The Black Stallion,” “National Velvet”?
  6. Wear a clothing item that supports our Horses that help Humans. Get one here
  7. Read a book to a child on Mustangs. May we suggest, Wild Horse Annie?
  8. Update your Facebook header for one week to introduce people to horses. Here is one.
  9. Post something positive about how horses help humans deal with things like isolation. #encourageandsupport.
  10. Share your horse pictures and stories with people who don’t have access to horses in their daily life. Inviting non-horse-people to meet a rescued horse by sharing our Instagram page, and then, once the pasture is opened up, bring them to meet our special friends. Who knows, you might just change someone’s life! our Instagram