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Meet Bella

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Bella is a stunningly beautiful sorrel (chestnut or copper-red in color), probably some type of warm-blood, in her teens and in excellent health. She loves to be brushed and scratched, as is evident in the photo with her pal, who took care of her for almost a year. She shares a pasture with old Checkers, with whom she has a pretty tight relationship.

Bella is somewhat on the nervous side, but she’s much more relaxed now compared with how she has been in the past.  She was found wandering in the Santa Ana riverbed in Norco along with another of the Free Rein rescue horses, Raza, in about 2012, and was rescued by the Norco animal shelter. One source claims she was a “tripping horse” in Mexican rodeos. IN the “sport” of horse tripping, cowboys, or charros, lasso the legs of a galloping horse, throwing the animal to the ground. It is banned in California.

She arrived at the Equestrian Center about four years ago. Although trainers tried working with Bella and she was ridden by them, since she didn’t trust humans and was quite nervous and scared, to be safe she required a very experienced rider. She is no longer ridden at all as a Free Rein therapy horse, but she’s a favorite of clients receiving equine therapy.

Her long-time pal had a perfect concluding comment about her: “Because she’s had some rough cowboy handling, and because she is a very smart horse, she is keenly in tune with her surroundings and those near her. She has a sixth sense for reading your soul. You can’t really force or rush your way into her world. If Bella can see you desiring to give her kindness, for her good, instead of you wanting the pleasure of being with a beautiful horse, you can win her heart. And that is a big heart.”