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Summer Is A Busy Time : Interns Needed!

We are in need of some very special (and specific) part-time, remote and onsite Interns to help us grow!

Free Rein Foundation Intern Positions Available – Work from home and on-site at the Huntington Central Park Equestrian Center, supporting a local Southern California non-profit that is investing in our future by helping children and communities thrive through Equine Therapy Programs with Rescued Horses.



    • 10 to 20 hours a week
    • Maintain guest list
    • Promote
    • Coordinate booths and food vendors
    • Event logistics, set up, electricity, sound system etc.
    • Organize volunteers
    • Oversee set-up and clean up
  • Events include
    • Graduations
    • Monthly Hug and Grooms
    • Summer Classic Gala
    • Meet and greet with City Council Members
    • Chamber of Commerce breakfast
    • Holiday Boutique
    • Summer Camp
    • Pony and Pumpkins show for the community

Are you outgoing, innovative, calm under pressure and passionate about helping others? If yes, please consider this opportunity. You will gain valuable experience, work with a great team and make a lot of connections.

Email Resume and Cover to



    • 10 to 20 hours a week
    • Maintain contact lists
    • Maintain volunteer training communication
    • Maintain Google calendar
    • Mailing/sending thank you cards to individuals
    • Organize and manage Google folders
    • Coordinate meals for groups
    • Help enlist new partners
    • Maintain an inventory list of soft goods

Are you task oriented? Do you work well with others? Do you pay attention to details? If so, please consider this opportunity. You will work with a passionate team of individuals, gain experience and training.

Email Resume and Cover to



    • 10 to 20 hours a week
    • Write content
    • Attract other social butterflies with large followings
    • Engage community partners
      • Police departments
      • Social workers
      • Shelters
      • Local businesses
      • Hoag hospital
      • Schools
    • Promote Free Rein Foundation in an engaging manner
    • Strategize themes
    • Brainstorm events
    • Create short videos
    • Create podcasts
    • Showcase Free Rein Foundation as an expert in mental health & equine therapy.
    • Grow following on FB, Insta, Twitter, website, and YouTube
    • Create YouTube content

Do people pause when you post? Do they read what you have to say and love your photos? Do you know how to grow awareness and maximize engagement across all social channels? We have one of the best-kept secrets here in Huntington Beach. A beautiful equestrian center which is home to our rescued horses and the Free Rein Foundation. If these are the skills you possess, please consider working with our team of dedicated individuals.

Email Resume and Cover to

Please share if you know someone who may be interested.