Donate to Free Rein Foundation

Free Rein is dedicated to our committed volunteers who willingly give their time to make a difference in the lives of others, and the healing of our rescued horses.

All Free Rein volunteers must follow these policies regarding our interactions with each other, clients, boarders, and horses while at work. These policies are intended to ensure that all above-mentioned are treated with respect, concern, and sensitivity, and that the safety of all is strictly upheld. We ask that you observe the following:

I agree to not disclose to anyone, any information that may compromise the confidentiality of Free Rein’s mission, information/details of horses, volunteer’s personal information, as well as any interaction with clients/students that may arise with your volunteer position.

For safety reasons, it is very important that you never confirm or deny any confidential information to an outside person.
All donations must be given to the program, not to individuals. Please do not give material goods or money to clients. If you wish to demonstrate your generosity, please make a donation online at

We do not allow alcohol or drugs on the premises or tolerate any person being under the influence while at our sites or representing Free Rein.

Please refrain from comments or behavior that offend anyone’s gender, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, age, veteran status, disability, ethnicity, or skin color, or that may insult anyone in any other way.

If you have questions about Free Rein policy, or how to handle a situation, please talk to your Volunteer Chair or Volunteer Coordinator.

Please do not take any donations or Free Rein property.

If any situation arises that you are not trained to handle, that you are unsure how to handle, or that makes you uncomfortable, immediately bring it to the attention of Free Rein staff.

Please do not inquire about client’s personal information.
Romantic or sexual comments or relationships are prohibited.
Please do not discuss your personal matters with clients. We are here for the benefit of Free Rein.
Volunteers may not get involved with any client’s recovery (do not invite them to meetings or to be a sponsor).
Volunteers may not offer rides to clients, nor accept rides from clients.
If you become aware of any information that could jeopardize anyone’s safety, please share it with Free Rein staff right away.

If you will be unable to volunteer at your scheduled time, please call and notify us at least 24 hours in advance, so that we may schedule another volunteer or make other arrangements.

Please be prepared to take your volunteer position seriously. We depend heavily on our volunteers. Not showing, not completing your project thoroughly, or not holding yourself accountable to the above policies can be detrimental to the operation of Free Rein.
Each time you volunteer with Free Rein, it is your responsibility to maintain your own visitation log and turn it in no later than the first week of the following quarter (January, April, July, and October) please enter your name, task completed, time in and time out and total hours worked on a “Volunteer Sign-In Sheet.” By tracking your service, you will help demonstrate to current and potential funders the depth of our community support, which can significantly impact their funding decisions.