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Youth Programs

At Free Rein Foundation, we’re proud to offer transformative programs tailored to youth groups, with options ranging from one to four sessions. Each session revolves around a specific theme carefully curated from our proprietary curriculum, designed to empower and inspire. Themes include navigating trauma and grief, enhancing communication skills, building leadership abilities, managing anxiety and depression, setting boundaries, and more. Our programs accommodate 10 to 15 students per session, lasting approximately 3 hours, and culminating in a shared meal where students can reflect, discuss, and connect with one another.

During our Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) sessions, participants are guided by trained facilitators and equine specialists, working alongside our gentle horses to explore and deepen their understanding of the chosen theme. The session begins with an hour spent in our gardens, engaging in hands-on activities to ground and prepare participants for their interaction with the horses. Following a brief overview and safety briefing, participants enter the pasture, where they engage in guided interactions with our equine partners.

As participants engage with the horses, their experiences are carefully observed and facilitated by our team, fostering opportunities for reflection, growth, and learning. Through dialogue and shared experiences, participants gain insights into their own emotions, behaviors, and relationships, while also learning from one another’s perspectives. After meaningful interactions with the horses, participants gather for discussions, projects, and exercises designed to deepen their understanding of the session’s theme.

At the conclusion of each session, participants come together to share a nutritious meal, continuing their discussions and reflections in a supportive and nurturing environment. Through these immersive experiences, participants not only develop essential life skills but also forge deep connections with one another and our beloved horses, fostering resilience, empathy, and personal growth.

  • One Session: $1,500
  • Two Session: $3,000
  • Four Session: $5,000
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