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Empowering Hearts Healing Minds

A sanctuary for abused horses, inspiring youth mental health resilience through equine intuition.

Our Mission:

To provide a loving sanctuary for abused and unwanted horses and to harness their unique intuitive abilities to help youth overcome mental health challenges.

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Inside an Animal Therapy Program Using Rescue Horses to Heal At-Risk Kids

Taking the Reins – Hidden Huntington Beach

Free Rein uses horses to help at-risk youth overcome mental health struggles


horses rescued


horses rehabilitated & rehomed


at-promise youth annually


youth served since 2014


hours of volunteer service each year!

Horses possess an intuitive ability that transcends words and touches the very essence of our souls.

With a gentle nudge, a knowing glance, or a comforting presence, they speak volumes without uttering a sound. Their innate sensitivity allows them to mirror our emotions, offering solace in times of sorrow, strength in moments of doubt, and unwavering companionship on life’s journey. In their presence, we find a sanctuary of understanding, where barriers melt away and hearts open wide. It’s in the silent language of connection between horse and human that we discover the profound depth of their intuitive wisdom, guiding us towards healing, growth, and a deeper understanding of ourselves.

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